These are a set of letterpress prints of posters from nights for Tinnitus, a Sheffield electronic music night and record label. They've always been the perfect clients, always let me do whatever I liked, encouraging me to try out new things and never complaining about all the wierd stuff I've hidden in their posters over the years.

Recently Sam Hiller, one of the founders of the night, and a good friend, died. In his honour his family have set up a foundation in his name. Its intended to help people attend the Greenwich Choral School which Sam himself attended for several years. He was devoted to music in all its forms, from choirs to cacophonies, and I know he would approve. He was an inspiration for a lot of people and he will be missed.

A good chunk of the proceeds from these posters will go to the Samuel Hiller Memorial Fund.

The process of making a letterpress print involves cutting an image into relief, covering it in ink, and then smashing a giant heavy metal roller over the image with a piece of paper squashed inbetween. I can't really think of a more appropriate way to produce a series for Tinnitus, and have a massive love for the history, skill, and quality of letterpress. The edition was printed by Warren Edmond at the Oily Press.

For anyone who doesn't know what letterpress is, I recommend watching this:

Each poster is priced at £40 and all three prints in the edition can be bought together for £100 (a discount of £20, and includes free P+P)

All three images are in editions of 50, signed and numbered by me. Once these are gone I'm not printing any exactly like these again.

They are letterpress printed on 300 gsm blotting stock. As letterpress ink is transparent to a degree there is a natural and changing texture to all prints that varies throughout the series, and should be expected. These are shipped out in heavyweight poster tubes and prices include free P+P.

Choices :

i. Tinnitus | Smash

445 x 570 mm | Letterpress | £40 (+ free p+p)

Hand drawn. Going for a mixture between fractal and exponential division. Roughly. This is the oldest design in the series -
was done for a show featuring Drumcorps/Aaron Spectre and Headcleaner @ Dirty Little Secret in 2010.

ii. Tinnitus | Unity

445 x 570 mm mm | Letterpress | £40 (+ free p+p)

Sixth birthday poster. A one-line drawing, calculated to be the shortest line possible.

iii. Tinnitus | Twenty Three (For Sam)

445 x 570 mm | Letterpress | £40 (+ free p+p)

This is a huge back tattoo design I was doing for Sam. He asked me to work in some very relevant numbers to him, and to overthink it. Anyone who actually knows me will understand the can of worms he opened by telling me to overthink! It got horrendously complicated, and simpler and simpler over the last few months of conversation.

Meanings :
Circle (1) and square (4) - representing a constructed reality inside the entirety of what is possible.
5 + 6 + 7 (monkey gone to heaven - man, devil, god.)
Ending on a 7. Sheffield. Seven Hills.
1+4+5+6+7 = 23. Cos its Sam.

All three prints in the edition are £40 and can be purchased together for £100 (a discount of £20.) All purchases include free p+p.

Choices :