Installation for Mindset Records event '11/11/11' at Hendre Hall, North Wales.

All pieces are a single line drawing - the mathematically calculated shortest line possible to traverse the piece.

They are representations of 'The Travelling Salesman's Problem' - an optimisation solution used in mathematics, electronics and physics.

The problem states that a saleman has to get to all of the cities on his route in the shortest distance possible, and asks for the simplest solution. The resulting idea is optimisation - the simplest, most efficient solution to any problem. This has ramifications in everything
from global communication routes to how much copper gets used on a circuit board, amongst a torrent of other usages.

The important thing to note is that the shortest route possible is never a to b to c. The geometry used in calculating the image results in patterns that mutate across the surface of the image rather than straight line solutions.

The final artwork, and resulting single line drawing, illustrates the path of the 'salesman' as he travels the map. Its a mountain called Cnicht, just down the coast from the venue, Hendre Hall.

Photography by Nathan Gibson.